Shippable Passive Solar Greenhouse Project

Several years ago I began a search for detailed drawings and building plans for a Passive Solar Greenhouse. A Passive Solar Greenhouse is one that does not use costly, artificial heat sources such as electricity or propane to heat the greenhouse when it is cold, but instead utilizes the sun as a source of heat [...]

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Chicken of the Wood: Mycelium Fruit that is Food and Medicine

Holly's find...Chicken of the Wood Permaculture Design looks to source trees and plants that can be found local to a property. Oftentimes edible plants grow on a property already, one just doesn't know it. Take for example "Chicken of the Wood" Mushroom (Laetiporus Sulphureus). Also know as "Sulphur Shelf" because of its color. Other [...]

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Gourmet Breakfast from the Homestead

So this morning we decided to enjoy some of the fruits of our labors.  Fresh Morels, fresh eggs from the chickens, fresh, sauteed and chopped Ramps, and Urui (Hostas) from our patch. Try not to drool on your keyboard!               Morels battered and deep fried as fritters     [...]

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Experimenting with Yacon, Part 2

In December of 2014 I contributed a post here on the Tuber producing plant Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius). The plant is traditionally grown in the central Andes mountains of South America from Columbia to Northern Argentina. That post is linked here:  http://www.narrowpassagepermaculture.com/experimenting-with-yacon/   Yacon Plant   Our first year of growing Yacon was successful [...]

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Beyond Off Grid Summit

Great Opportunity!                                                           This is a fantastic opportunity to get some intensive education on Homesteading. Don't miss out! Link is Here: http://beyondoffgrid.com/summit/?utm_source=NarrowPassagePermaculture&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=BOGSummitOnlineEvent&ref=31

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Autumn Olive…Take a second look…it’s a Blessing, not a Curse

AUTUMN OLIVE Autumn Olive , Elaeagnus umbellate-- most widely know as Autumn Olive-- is also called Japanese Silverberry and recently has come into fashion under the moniker Autumn Berry. The shrub is native to Asia, from the Himalayas, east, to Japan. In the United States it is often thought of as invasive, meaning that it "takes [...]

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The Rice Knife : Garden tool extraordinaire

  Rice Knife or Hand Sickle Everyone has their favorite gardening tools. Tools for the garden are important in Permaculture. Permaculture looks for solutions that are resilient and sustainable. Plant and crop working tools need to be simple, sustainable (usually this means non electric or gas powered) and cost effective. Consider if you [...]

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